Contabo unveils new €2.99 plan!

Contabo has just unveiled a new, super low end €2.99 plan! At this low pricepoint You receive:

-2 vCPU’s

-4GB of RAM

-35GB of NVMe OR 100 GB of SATA SSD

-16TB of egress traffic (ingress unmetered) on a 100 megabit connection

-and most importantly a public dedicated IPv4.

At this pricepoint this may sound like an amazing deal, but there are some caveats. First of all – Contabo charges VAT for customers in the EU so unless You wanna commit tax fraud be prepared to pay ~20% extra if You are in the EU or UK. Another hidden fee is the €2.99 one-time setup fee. This will unfortunately make this a much worse option for short-term usecases.

As for the locations, You get their default German location included in the price, but if You want the VPS to be hosted elsewhere be prepared to pay extra. The UK and central US are 60 cents extra, west United States will be an extra 75 cents meanwhile in the east of the US You’ll pay a whole 90 cents extra. This is very confusing considering American hosts are usually cheaper due to hardware being less expensive and electrcity costs being lower. Their more exotic locations have even higher extra fees (Singapore – €1.45, Japan – €1.50 and Australia – €1.30) but this is actually extremely cheap considering how expensive bandwidth is in those locations.

As for the OS, linux is obviously available at no extra cost, meanwhile Windows is technically an extra €3.49, but it is quite simple to DD Windows onto a linux VPS allowing You to use Your own license at no extra cost!

One last thing I’d like to note is that Contabo offers billing in US dollars and British Pounds but the prices in those currencies are significantly higher thus making payments in Euros the preferred option.

What do YOU think of this deal? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to bookmark our website for more VPS news and promos!






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