What VPS providers do I use – a list

As a VPS enthusiast, I own quite a few and in this article you can read a little bit about ALL of them.

For starters – Oracle Cloud and their AMAZING free tier. 24GB RAM/4 Core ARM CPU/200GB SSD/4 Gigabit Symmetrical Network with 10TB bandwidth

I have quite a few services installed on it – nomachine for a remote desktop I can access from just about anywhere in the world, a web server for sharing files, a socks5 proxy to bypass regional restrictions, and more. All of course works perfectly on this beast of a machine. I also get great ping to their Swiss datacenter which hosts this VPS.

The second on the list is Crunchbits and their INSANE $1.14/month deal. Just look at the specs – 3GB RAM/2 E5-2696 Cores/25GB NVMe/1 Gigabit Network with 4TB bandwidth

This might seem hard to believe but it does actually cost just a little over a dollar a month.

This server hosts another nomachine remote desktop server and also an OpenVPN server. It’s hosted in their datacenter in Washington State.

My third “VPS” comes from RPI Servers/DataIdeas and is actually a physical Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM, all for just $3.14 (funny π reference 😉). As for the rest of the specs it has a 16GB MicroSD card as the boot drive + a 256GB USB Drive for storage/1 Gigabit Network with UNMETERED BANDWIDTH. The CPU is the same standard 4 Core ARM CPU found on any old Raspberry Pi which is certainly a bummer as it’s quite weak.

I currently use this server for file storage and as a VPN server. It’s hosted in their Texas datacenter which means great ping to the vast majority of the US.

The last VPS I want to talk about in this post is my $0.48/month DMCA-ignored NAT VPS from iHostArt.

I use it as a VPN, a socks proxy, a seedbox and a webserver for sharing files. At this laughably low price I get access to: 1.1GB of RAM/1 CPU Core/50GB SSD/A Shared Gigabit port without a traffic limit. This is also the only VPS on this list that doesn’t have a dedicated IPv4 and instead comes with a NAT IP with 20 open ports.

While this may sound great the gigabit port often goes down to less than a megabit up/down due to abuse by other users on the same node, although iHostArt’s Admin seems to have fixed that to some extent in the recent weeks.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my VPS and if you have any questions about this article or VPS’s in general don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below!






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